Tena/Archidona area

Casa del Suizo is conveniently located along the Napo River and near the small community of Quichua Indians Ahuano. It is surrounded by a large and beautiful stretch of Amazon rainforest. Our visitors from all over the world come to us with the desire to know and venture into one of the most ecologically diverse regions of the planet. La Casa del Suizo dramatically manages to combine the comfort of their rooms and facilities with the natural wonders that were all around.

This Lodge of about 150 hectares of private forest is situated only 10 km from Tena, capital of the province of Napo and lies on the shores of the crystal Inchillaqui river, at an altitude between 1,968 and 2,789 meters, which makes it free of all tropical diseases.

The unique location within the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve, where the Andes ends and the Amazon begins at an altitude of 800m allows to have a privileged climate and offer different activities ranging from hiking in the jungle , rafting, to visit caves or explore the ancient culture of the indigenous people through their expressions of art.

Liana Lodge is located within a protected area of more than 4,000 acres along the mighty Napo River. The accommodations are ecological and intentionally designed to put you in harmony with nature. No electricity in rooms means guests can relax and take in the beauty of the surrounding jungle.

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