Yasuní is one of the most biodiverse places in the world and the home of one of the largest genetic varieties of animals and plants on the planet. It covers about one million hectares of virgin rainforest and is located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, extending mainly in the province of Francisco de Orellana.

The Park contains 44% of the birds of the Amazon basin, a fact which makes it one of the richest areas of land birds. The statistics are full of similar examples in terms of different varieties of bats, amphibians, reptiles, bees and other creatures.

In 1989 UNESCO declared the park a Bio-reserve and Cultural Heritage because of its exceptional diversity and the presence of Taromenane and Tagaeri.

The Ecuadorian national government declared 700,000 hectares of the park “untouchable zone”. This statement implies that the area must be protected from mining, oil extraction, logging, colonization or any activity that could alter the biodiversity and ethno-culture of the area.

North of the mystic Challuacocha lake is the Cuyabeno Reserve and along the southern border stretches the vast Yasuni National Park. In the corridor between , located on 40,000 hectares (100,000 acres) of virgin forest lies Sani Lodge, a unique Ecuador ecolodge .

Sacha Lodge.5.000-acre (2.000-hectare) private reserve, Pilchicocha Lake, a blackwater paradise

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