Cayambe 5 days / 4 nights


Cayambe5 Days/4Nights Per day Altitude in m
Day Itinerary Accommodation Drive Hiking Max Accommodation
1 FuyaFuya Posada Quinde 2,5 hrs 5 hrs 4696 2500
2 Imbabura Posada Quinde 1 hrs 6 hrs 4600 2500
3 Cuicocha/Otavalo Posada Quinde 2 hrs 6 hrs 3200 2500
4 Cayambe RefugeOleas 2 hrs 1 hrs 4600 4600
5 Cayambe Summit 2 hrs 10 hrs 5790 2800


Day 1: FuyaFuya 4200 m –Otavalo
Pickup at your hotel in Quito and then we travel north; in a 2 hour trip through the mountains of the Andes we reach one of the most popular tourist destinations, Otavalo. There we will take a small road, which will take us to the Mojanda lagoon, where our first trek to the FuyaFuya will start. After the trekking we descend to Otavalo and enjoy the beautiful hacienda where we will have dinner and spend the night.
Accommodation: Posada Quinde
Meals: box lunch, dinner

  • Positive slope in m: 3600 – 4200 – 3600 = 600

Day 2: Imbabura 4600m
We start at the foothill of Imbabura. This imposing mountain has the perfect positive slope to train in altitude, from 3400m to 4600m. A very nice hike with great views to the valley. Then we return to the hotel in Otavalo to rest.
Accommodation: Posada Quinde
Meals: breakfast, box lunch, dinner

  • Positive slope in m: 3400 –4600 = 1200

Day 3: Cuicocha trekking – Otavalo Market
Our trekking around the CuicochaCrater Lake will take us 5 hours. After that we will visit the major city known for their Ecuadorian leatherCotacachi and continue to descend to Otavalo where we will visit the market. The Otavaleños are the most traditional indigenous in Ecuador and differ by their clothing from other indigenous in Ecuador. Here we will have the time to buy crafts and enjoy the colorful market. In the late afternoon we will head back to our lodge.
Accommodation: Posada del Quinde
Meals: breakfast, box lunch, dinner

  • Positive slope in m: 3400 – 3600 – 3400 = 200

Day 4: Cayambe refuge 4600 m
Today we head to the Cayambe volcano, the third highest mountain in Ecuador after the Chimborazo and the Cotopaxi. We will drive to the Oleas refuge (4600 m). Here we will get accommodation and enjoy the spectacular view over the Ecuadorian highlands. Food will be served at the refuge and we will spend the night here.
Accommodation: Refuge Oleas
Meals: breakfast, box lunch, dinner

Day 5: Cayambe 5790 m
Our ascension will begin at midnight. The Cayambe is similar to the Cotopaxi, the ascension is not of a technical type, it consists in crossingsome crevasses and being in a good health condition. We reach the peak early in the morning where a spectacular view will be presented in front of us. For the ascension and back we will need around 9 hours.
Meals: box lunch breakfast (ascent), lunch

  • Positive slope in m: 4600 – 5790 – 4600 = 1190

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