Chimborazo 6 Days / 5 Nights


Day Program altitude in m Approx. in hours Accommodation altitude in m accomodation
Trekking Drive
1 Rucu Pichincha 4696 5 1-2 Hotel Quito 2800
2 Corazón 4781 3 1 Chuquiragua Lodge 3200
3 Illiniza Norte 5116 7 3 Chimborazo Lodge 4000
4 Day off 4000 4 Chimborazo Lodge 4000
5 Refuge Chimborazo 4800 30min 40min CarrelRefuge 4800
6 Chimborazo 6310 12 4-5 2800


Day 1: Rucu Pichincha 4696m
The Rucu Pichincha Mountain is considered our home which overlooks and protects the capital city, including breathtaking views of Quito. From the Cable Car Station we board gondolas to ascend to Cruz Loma (4100msnm). The first hike of the tour is to acclimate, it will take about 5 hours to ascend and descend before returning to the hostel and recover from our first 4,000 meter hike.
Accommodation: –
Meals: Box lunch

  • positive slope in meters: 4100 – 4696 – 4100 = 596

Day 2: Corazón 4781m
After breakfast we will have a short trekking tour as to the Corazón Mountain with a fantastic view to Cotopaxi, Rumiñahui, Illinizas, Sincholagua, Pasochoa, Pichincha, Atacazo, aso. Our trekking tour starts at 4000mts (13’200feet) to the summit at 4781mts (15’777feet), it will take us around 3 hrs. We will drive shortly to our lodge and relax.
Accommodation: Chuquiragua Lodge
Meals: Breakfast, Box lunch, dinner

  • positive slope in m: 4000 – 4781 – 4000 = 781

Day3: Illiniza Norte 5116 m
We will depart early at 5.30am to the National Park of Illinizas. We will reach 12`870 feet (3900mts). Our trekking tour starts passing by 3 different vegetation’s until the refuge (hut) after 2-3 hrs trekking at 15´675 feet (4750mts). In the refuge we will take a cup of tea, recover and continue to the summit of Illiniza Norte if the weather conditions and mountain conditions allow us to do it. The summit of Illiniza Norte is at 16’785feet (5116mts). Our trekking tour up and down 4012.8 feet (1216mts) will take us around 7-8hrs, a long journey but probably the most important one for our climb to Chimborazo later on. We will descent to the cars and continue our trip. In Ambato we will have lunch in a Pizzeria and drive through small villages until we reach the spectacular Lodge Estrella del Chimborazo at 4000 m. In this magical place in front of the Chimborazo we will rest and spend the next 2 nights.
Accommodation: Lodge Chimborazo
Meals: breakfast, box lunch, dinner

  • positive slope in m: 3900 – 5116 – 3900 = 1216

Day4: Chimborazo Lodge
Recovery day. You can walk around the area or simply read a book looking at the huge mountain in front of you.
Accommodation: Chimborazo Lodge
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 5: Chimborazo, Refuge Carrel 4800m
Today we drive (4800m Carrel Refuge) up to the first hut of Chimborazo. From here we walk leisurely to the 2nd and last hut of Chimborazo, the Whymper refuge to nearly 5000m altitude. Then we come back to rest at Carrel Refuge. Here we have lunch and early dinner. The food is organized by our Tour guide. We sleep in the shelter and get up at 11pm. A steep climb awaits us.
Accommodation: Refuge Carrel
Meals: Breakfast, boxlunch, dinner

  • positive slope in m: 4800 – 5000 = 200

Day 6: Chimborazo 6310 m
The ascent of Chimborazo normally takes 7 hours to the main summit and 3 1/2hr. for the descent. We will thus be on the feet for over 10 hours, which will certainly go into the legs. The summit is huge and breathtakingly beautiful. If we are lucky we can see the Tungurahua, an active volcano that spits out ash clouds from time to time, but is not dangerous. After the descent of Chimborazo we drive back to Quito.
Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, dinner

  • positive slope in m: 5000 – 6310 – 4800 = 1310

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